The medicine. Emphysema

Emphysema of the lungs is defined as a persistent expansion of air spaces located along the periphery of terminal bronchioles. In addition, the walls of the bubbles are destroyed. Emphismems are found in about 50% of people. Adults. Most often this is due to intensive smoking of cigarettes, especially in men. In recent studies of emphysema, a consequence of protege-antiproteal and oxidal-anti-oxidative imbalance is a consequence.
There are several forms of emphysema:- obstructive emphysema of the lungs (obstructive emphysema of the lungs) is a consequence of the narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi caused by muscle spasm, exudation, hyperemia or edema of the mucous membrane .- Emphysemes of the lungs are a consequence of the loss of lung tissue with age .- compensatory exemance of the lungs (emphysema lungs) arises in areas of light, adjacent atextase or fibrosis and lungs deformed as a result of curvature of the spine.- Congenital emphysemane is conditioned by impaired development of the bronchial system, pressure on the bronchi of pathological vessels or cysts, underdevelopment of elastic fibers, folding of the mucous membrane.
Symptoms of pulmonary emphysema:
- progressive breakdown;
- physical shortness of breath, shortness of breath alone;
- Deformation of the chest - the barrel -shaped shape of the chest and its high, inspiratory position;
- a slender figure of the patient;
- drum noise over the lungs during percussion;
- prolapse of ineffective respiratory tracts of the lower lungs of the lungs;
- violation of the audibility of heart tones;
- lack of dry wheezing in the lungs during auscultation;
- secondary pulmonary hypertension. Emphysema
Unfortunately, numerous studies on the specific treatment of pulmonary emphysema are still conducted. The only exception if you take alpha-1-antitripsin when you have a deficiency. Nonspecific treatment is to eliminate harmful factors, such as tobacco smoke. One form of emphysema - follicular emphysema - is treated by dissecting the backlash and suturing of the follicle itself. Сайт play2x официальный